Snorkeling, exploring, and relaxing at El Cardonal

We ended up spending two nice nights in El Cardonal Cove. We did a little snorkeling the first afternoon, when I swam off by myself and discovered a small nearby reef and sunken boat.

On the full day in between, the crew took the dinghy to shore for an hiking exploration where they crossed the short 1/2 mile spit to the other side and gazed on the Sea of Cortez. I stayed on the boat to do a number of boat chores (which always seem to accumulate faster than I can address them).

Then in the afternoon, we all donned snorkeling gear and I got a chance to try out the underwater housing for my digital camera. The first results can be seen above or in the photos below.

Finally that evening, as we were all showered and getting ready to go to bed for the transit to La Paz the following morning, a dinghy pulled up, and two gentlemen offered us some free fish! They were Americans from San Diego from another boat in the bay called from FLYING CLOUD, and had caught more while spear fishing than they could use, and so gave us our choice of their catch. We asked for a "big one" and so they gave us a 20-25 lb Dog Snapper that was still fiesty when they gave it to us. It took us a while to clean it and get it ready, but it looks like it will provide us with 2-3 meals for 3 people!

Images from El Cardonal Cove